Last time out, we discussed the 6 Ways to Speed up WordPress Websites.

Now for this discussion, we’ll be talking about a form of mesmerizing website designs.

Everyone loves cars. Those dazzling designs of the 2016 Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette are sure to captivate everyone’s heart. Why? Because if our measly salaries won’t change, it’s nearly impossible to grab hold of those luxurious possessions.

But here’s the catch: You can still live that dream online. If your site has anything to do with car enthusiasts or car products and accessories, you can opt to have an automotive website design.

Not a designer by profession? Don’t worry. These standardized automotive website designs will ease off the pressure on you.

1.Automotive Car Dealership & Business HTML Template


Being the first among the list, this template was meant to be used by car dealers businesses.

As per Envato, here are some of its features:

  • Inventory management
  • Responsive / mobile
  • Revolution slider
  • Fully documented
  • 1170PX bootstrap 3
  • 64 HTML & PSD Files

When I was browsing its template preview, its inventory system enabled good presentment of its cars. Its inventory management system enables complete customization and screening of search results per category. Some categories include body style, model, make, transmission, and mileage count. Another thing worth commending is its loan calculator that lets buyers ascertain their periodic payments.

It’s also powered by Google Map, where interested folks can locate one’s shop and calculate the distance between. Its statistic board also provides buyers with important metrics (cars sold, amount sold, customer satisfaction percentage, and oil changes) that aids decision-making.

2.Rota Auto Service – Mechanic Workshop HTML5 Template   



The preview template comes in a picture of a Camaro SS in BF Goodrich tires. Its pictures were all crisp and had short-yet-effective descriptions of its services.

Obviously, the ROTA automotive website design template is suited for mechanics and car building workshops. It provides a simple user interface that is engaging at the same time. What’s really worth commending about it is its Light Gallery plugin. It is comprised of mind-boggling pictures at the least amount of pixels to ensure that those are optimized.

Another commendable plugin that ROTA has in its arsenal is the Isotope Gallery. The plugin does not only provide you with eye-catchy pictures crafted by image professionals, but also summarizes your offer in an effective way. It uses keywords (e.g., mufflers, steering & suspension, climate control, batteries & charging) along with the picture to achieve a pro-looking effect.

You also need not worry about extensive content as it is powered by the Infinite Scroll feature.

3.Car Fixing / Car Repair & Car Wash HTML Template

The name itself implies that the templates were designed for auto repair shops. All modifications in these templates are contained in the Style Switcher –where you can select the theme skins, menu colors, background color, color concentration, background patterns and image. With $18, you get 500+ templates and add-ons that all gear towards highlighting your car repair services.

It’s also inclusive of a reservation form that lists necessary car information –brand, type, model, year, repair history, etc. That filled-out form forms part of a database to properly identify what treatment the car requires on its nature and condition. It also highlights extra services like auto painting and car rental if any.

If you feel like your clients have grown weary of your home page, you can choose from over 40+ standardized home pages. Split, vertical, shop home, full screen, and parallax home pages are some of the styles.

4.Auto Club – Car Dealer HTML Theme

This is another automotive website design for car dealers. Its functionalities are almost identical with the first on this list. But what is really visually striking is the organization of its functionalities. It’s simple yet effectively presents car offers. Also, it serves as a market for both car buyers and sellers. It has a matchmaking feature that serves as an intermediary to both parties depending on their preferences.

5.Car RE- Auto Mechanic & Car Repair HTML Template

Care –that’s what mechanics and repair shops should put a premium on when dealing with car glitches. The Car RE also cares for your website in the same way as it takes a more customer-oriented approach.


Besides its pixel perfect and unique design, it also has well organized layers for the work gallery, team composition, and feedback from clients.

What’s more to love?

It employs the latest, trendy fonts from Google and a pixel perfect coding. Its slick transition effects and parallax effect help convince troubled car owners. Nevertheless, it has 3 unique home variations where users can decide depending on industry trends and practices.


We’ve already discussed a handful of car mechanic website design templates. Some of their common features include being responsive, up-to-date bootstrap versions, customizability, and modern designs.

But what is that unique feature that Mechanico has?

Mechanico’s templates also answer the need of car owners experiencing troubles on the road. It requires them to fill out a form for them to be addressed, and you would give a feedback on the fastest time you can attend to them.

Price quotations on various vehicle types are also an inclusive feature of the template. You also have the freedom to put your blogs and how-to guides if you plan to.

7.Genurent – Transport and Car Hire HTML Template


This automotive website design was tailor-made for transporting services but will be suitable for any business purpose with little adjustments.

It benefits business owners who want to start their website from scratch or want to give their present website the necessary boost.

Its promise of cross browser optimization ensures that all vivid images, designs, and content will be flexible across all browsers –in the way you want all audiences to view it.

8.Car dinal – Car Wash & Workshop HTML Template

Yes, it’s cardinal because it’s fundamental. Of all the design templates I saw on this list, Car dinal appeared to me as the most basic, but most comprehensive one.


It’s largely owing to the fact that CSS 3 effects and animations were heavily used in this one. Other people may view CSS as obsolete, but it’s still really effective. After all, effective online marketing efforts bank on understandability and clarity.

9.Automobile Fan Site Website Template

I consider this as one of the more professional-looking template designs in this list. Its readily available images in high resolution provides utmost user satisfaction. This is especially true when customers are scouting cars or car parts for the first time.

Some feedbacks include easy configuration and coding. Very smooth transitions were also observed in each section. This is also versatile as it can shift into different business purposes and programming languages (HTML to Java). It can handle voluminous web pages.

The template’s owners are generous enough to give their subscribers 7-15 high resolution stock photos and images for lifetime usage upon subscription.

10.Car Dealer Responsive Web Template

If you’re looking for less fancy designs that give you a clean, decent effect, go for this automative website design. Its animation is powered by HTML plus Javascript, while the 1170 Grid System, CSS 3, and HTML 5 are the cornerstones of its coding.

Its 3 web forms -booking, contact, and search forms- gather data to enable your system automatically sort it out.


And there you have it: 10 of the best automotive website design templates. Some of these highly answer the need of a particular car-related niche, while others are highly flexible. If you want to identify which template best suits your website, feel free to contact any Amro Web Designers personnel.

Disclaimer: All of the discussions on the aforementioned website templates are purely informational. No promotion or infringement intended. All rights and credits go to their respective owners and creators.

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