In this post, I’ll enumerate the 8 best business website designs for the savvy entrepreneur.

Our last discussion revolved around the 10 of the Best Automotive Website Design Templates. This time, we’ll focus on aesthetically beautiful business-themed designs.

In this world filled with scams and espionage, building trust is essential. Consumers are now more aware of bogus schemes designed to take money from them.

That rationale heavily applies when you are designing your website. You want it to be professional-looking, business-like, and competent. You wouldn’t want your bounce rate to get hurt by people who immediately hit the ‘back button’ because they weren’t amazed with the aesthetics.

  1. Corporate Identity WordPress Theme


Being the first in this list, this theme garnered a customer rating of 5/5 stars as per Template Monster.

Here are some of the features that caused such rating:

  • Responsiveness through online chat
  • Search engine friendly
  • WPML ready
  • WordPress compatible
  • Has customizable pages for your profile, portfolio, services, and testimonials

After viewing its Live Demo, I was wowed by its visual aesthetics. It included optimized images of business symbols (e.g., handshake, financial statements, checks, etc.). It also has smooth graphical user interface with compelling buttons. It has a sliding scroll effect. The template elements can be positioned and altered according to one’s preference.

  1. Nimbus Themes Business


The following are the features of Nimbus as per their page:

  • One-page style
  • Responsive
  • Powered by parallax shortcodes
  • Has tons of layout and slider options

Let’s break it piece by piece. It’s one-page style puts all of its amazing features into one theme. It also boasts a front page that is row-based (business functions are categorized into rows). Meanwhile, its parallax shortcodes let users view the background image slower as the scrolling progresses to produce an amazing visual.

I viewed its live demo. It’s not as flashy as the first on our list, but its concise beauty captured my attention.

  1. Frogs Themes


This is another visually appealing website design that is business-oriented. Its live demo had a striking picture, so I suppose Frog Themes also houses intricate pictures that are readily available in its gallery.

Frog Themes also encourages quick switching of pages. Like most websites, it segments it parts into distinctive functions. It works best for service based companies or freelance peeps who want to highlight their craft through online portfolios. Its set of formats and templates ensures that one’s work is highlighted in a professional and effective manner.

  1. Pro Business

It wouldn’t be termed as the “Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme” for nothing. Pro Business perfectly suits any type of business industry and size. Some of its innumerable themes are the following:

  • Corporate
  • Spa & Hotel
  • Gardening
  • Recycling business
  • House construction
  • Personal training expertise

The most commendable thing about Pro Business is its versatility. It is powered with the most functions and coding among the best business website designs in this list. For example, if I was new in the hotel industry, I need not to expend much effort in figuring out the best layout for vouchers, gifts, or reservations for guests. It has me covered with all the nitty-gritty that I need to incorporate to my website.

  1. Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold is the same with Pro Business in terms of abundance in predefined content. Forgive me for the confusion, but I think Enfold has more variations and features. It has readily available webpages for photography, blogging, portfolio building, wedding, church reservations, construction, lifestyle, consulting, and many more.

  1. Bridge Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

And yet, another web design tagged as ‘multi-purpose.’ What I really applaud about Bridge is its long scroll and built-in statistician. Its long scroll allows lengthy and elaborate posts while its statistical records show quality metrics (e.g., recommendations, people satisfied, work done, etc.).

Bridge also boasts the following features to claim its spot on my best business website designs:

  • Interactive elements
  • An assortment of Google fonts
  • Customizable menus
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Quick page loading interval
  • Up-to-date shortcut codes
  • Less time in launching websites
  1. Divi 3.0 Theme

If you don’t have much patience in building a nice website for your best business website designs, Divi’s the right fit for you. It’s powered by real time design that enables you to make abrupt changes instantly. Also, every design element is customizable and can be applied to custom CSS.

Another commendable feature of Divi is its element range. It has 46 content elements that you can use to build the perfect fit for your preference.

  1. Avada Theme

This theme assures you of “coding knowledge not required.”  Avada is the renowned leader in web themes and designs for more than 4 years. It was able to develop themes for almost all kinds of business including the more technical ones (e.g., law, architecture, engineering, etc.) Because its fancy designs require the littlest amount of coding knowledge, user satisfaction is guaranteed.

And that wraps our discussion about the best business website designs. Do enlighten us with your own list/ranking as well. Business can be risky, but if you want unparalleled SEO services that are safe, contact Amro Web Designers.

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