An Assortment of Five Best WordPress Security Plugins You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Throughout the decades past, the clamor for information security online rose to a multitude. After starting in 2003 as a mere way to give every day writing a fresh outlook and perspective, WordPress is now a global phenomenon in terms of being the acclaimed self-hosted blogging tool across the globe. Here’s a rundown of some of the best WordPress security plugins.


Having both free and premium versions, Wordfence boasts its being cost-friendly. It enables you to afford its tenure-related discounts, by selling its license cheaper when you are in it for the long run (e.g., a 1-year, one site $39 license fee will be handed down to you at around $29.25 yearly for a 5-year agreement).

It is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin, as per Wordfence Security. Powered by its Threat Defense Feed, it deters malwares and hacks from pervasively entering your website by giving timely alerts, feeds when security is breached. It has a firewall that directly stops viruses and other malicious programs real-time at the point of their conception.

2.Sucuri Security

Like Wordfence, Sucuri helps detect malicious programs, thanks to its Website Application Firewall (WAF) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Being able to detect the owner in the event of any security incident quickly is one of its promises in its Continuous Scanning and Monitoring feature.

Sucuri has a camera-like feature taking timely snapshots of all files under the impression that they are known to be good. The four core functions that this security plugin brings to the table are the following:

  • All activities related to your WordPress installation are monitored and recorded.
  • It oversees all files including WordPress core, themes, and plugins (considering that the plugin is being instated on a clean site).
  • If your site has been inserted to one of the many blacklist engines, Sucuri’s free scanner informs you with such and if other blacklisted programs were designed to ruin or hamper your website’s progress.
  • Covers more basic yet crucial actions to toughen your website (e.g., restricting wp-content and wp-includes access, security keys verification, ensuring uploads are safeguarded from PHP execution and browsing, etc.)

3.iThemes Security

Claiming that it provides you with 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site, iThemes Security aids admins in fixing loopholes, hampering automated attacks, and fortifying user credentials at times when they do not realize their vulnerability.

Besides the routinary task of malware scanning and prevention, it provides detailed information of user’s activities and adds two-factor authentication to restrict access. What happens is the Google Authenticator or Authy mobile app will send you a generated code on your duly registered email that you will need to input for entry. Sounds taxing? Well, I bet you won’t think that way after knowing that 30,000 new websites are hacked each day.

Other pro features that iThemes provide are: Google reCAPTCHA, import/export settings, dashboard widget, online file comparison, wp-cli integration, and temporary privilege escalation (to give someone else temporary authority to your site).

Package rates per nature of job are as follows:

  • $80 per year for bloggers (secures & protects 2 sites)
  • $100 per year for freelancers (secures & protects 10 sites)
  • $150 per year for developers (secures & protects unlimited sites)
  • $247 per year for developer licensing for all iThemes Security Pro’s plugins

All are inclusive of one year ticketed support, one year of plugin updates, and ten iThemes Sync sites per their site.

All in One WP Security

With over 200,000 downloads, All in One WP Security is considered by many to be the top free WordPress security tool. It provides security on main areas such as user accounts, user login, user registration, and comment spam. As per, “this plugin will take your website security to a whole new level.” Besides the reality that it was created by experts for easy comprehension of readers, it utilizes an unparalleled security points grading system to gauge how protected your website is from the number of security features you have on board.

In terms of user accounts security, it unravels WordPress usernames identical to your login since the effort for hackers is 50% less when they already know the login name. Safeguarding you from login attacks centered to using brute force –attempting countless logins- is assured by its Login Lockdown feature since it prevents particular IP addresses from trying to further take a guess within a timeframe. It also forces all users- including you- to get logged out of the page at your planned period to refresh all entries. Needless to say, it notifies you via email about all possible scenarios of unauthorized or suspicious account logins.

Additional features includes restriction of having your content shown to other sites via a frame or iframe, and the capability to remove some unnecessary stuff (e.g., WordPress Generator Meta information and WordPress Version information from the HTML site source and the JS and CSS site files, respectively). This platform is downloadable in 11 translations including English, German, Portuguese, Persian, and Hungarian.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof offers a one-click setup wizard which proves to be helpful for newbies in the security plugins and web protection world. For users wanting to customize and put more emphasis on certain regions of online security, BPS provides a manual mode to address that need.

BPS presents .htaccess Website Security Protection and the online statement of, as to why it is a sounder choice among the many website security options, reads as:

“The answer is very simple – .htaccess files (distributed Server configuration files) are processed by your server first before any other code on your website. In other words, hackers malicious scripts are stopped by BulletProof Security .htaccessfiles/Firewalls before those scripts even have a chance to reach the php code in WordPress.”

The above mentioned, worthy WordPress security plugins are just some of the many platforms that operate with mind-boggling features to avert unwanted interferences online. Enlighten us with your personal insights, rankings, or features we have not discussed in length in this post. To wit, here is an intuitive quote from Quotes Gram circling around online security:

Internet security threats are rising at an alarming pace, and while consumers are increasingly aware of the risks, to date they have very little ammunition to combat and defend against these threats that are easy to use and cost effective.

Meanwhile, some of the best WordPress themes for blogging are highlighted on our separate discussion.

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