Sports is at its most booming and as profitable as it is compared from the past 50 years. Everything about it spells business and profit. From the players to sponsorships to apparels and to sports website design, everyone is going loco over their most beloved pastime.

We all know that every fan will always love to know and be updated with their favorite sports personality. Whether it is from basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis and many others every fan is the same. With smartphones in hand or laptops in front of them and tuned in to their favorite social media while watching the game or simply browsing to a popular sports website. Design of all types of sports are scattered all over the internet and in billboards and we all know what that means—sports is not just a pleasure; it is also money.

So without further ado, here are the best with the most quality content that are hailed as the most successful sports website design of 2016.

The Top 5 Sports Website Design

To give you a better understanding of what I am talking about here are the world’s most popular, most successful and most profitable website as of 2016.

  1. Yahoo! Sports

    Website design is everything. From the very first look once you entered Yahoo! Sports’ domain it is easy to understand why this site is gaining the most attention from all sports enthusiasts. With an estimated of 125,000,000 monthly visitors, there is no denying that Yahoo! Is the one currently sitting on the “Iron Throne”

    They have the most updated both news and gossip from the ups and downs of the sports world. All the nitty and gritty you could ever hope for is here plus more.

    Positioned as number 1 in Google search engine using “sports” as the keyword. Within top 30 or higher from other online statistic ranks. It just goes to show that numbers do not lie. And I am pretty sure that you know for a fact that even you yourself visits this website from time to time so you have the idea of what I am talking about.

    With an average of 1.6 seconds from mouse-click to full page loading. This website is built with one of the best optimized design available today. Considering all the content you could find inside their website, it is amazing how they managed to build such top-of-the-line sports website design.

  2. ESPN

    Sports = ESPN

    That is as common as the day can be. When you say “ESPN” first thing that goes inside your head is the word “sports”. And when you hear the word ESPN you already know what to expect. This is the dream of all sports website design ever created in the online community—to become a household name synonym to their very niche; in this case the sports industry.

    With an estimated monthly visitors of 80,000,000 you know that they must be doing right. They must have known the ingredient of how to cook a very good sports website design. They must have mastered every corners and every techniques a good sports website design should be. And it must be true because you know for a fact that there is no way you have not yet heard of the ESPN in your entire life (unless you were born recently).

    With the latest news and gossip about sports with everything and everyone related to it this site means serious business. As of October 2016, ESPN have been placed second for the most visited sports website in the online community. Beaten by Yahoo! for the mere fact that they cater more than just sports news.

    With an average of 1.7 seconds from mouse-click to full page loading (with a very good internet of course) this site has one of the best setup for optimized web browsing. As with loads of video content and more, there is no doubt that this website was designed for speed.

  3. Bleacher Report

    Based in San Francisco and owned by Turner Sports as subsidiary of Time Warner, BleacherReport or also known as B/R was built and founded by people who have a real love for sports and everything about it since their high school days. Founded in 2007 by David Finocchio, Alexander Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and David Nemetz, together they started the company to showcase and deliver the latest trending about sports and opinion-oriented analysis to all sorts of media and platform around the world.

    With more or less 40,000,000 monthly visitors globally there is no question about the quality of their content. But did you know that that was not always the case? Earlier of its days, B/R was criticized for its open-source policy with regards to all its registered users. Citing the fact that most of the content published on the site were more often low in quality and showing an obvious lack of integrity. This resulted for the company to change all its policies to evolve into now one of the best sports website design available online.

    Averaging of 1.8-2 seconds from mouse-click to full loaded page this site is boasting the speed and optimized setup even with all the heavy content in its homepage.

  4. CBS Sports

    Formerly the back in 2004, CBS acquired the site and make it a full-pledged sports website design that we know today. This site is the home channel for NFL, NCAA, PGA Golf and PGA Championships. Packed with all the current trends and news about all kinds of popular sports, this website took the 4th place in this year’s top sports website design.

    With a monthly visitors of around 30,000,000 worldwide, this site is obviously aiming to be the best in this field of media. Adapting to the past-paced of ever changing trend and technological advancement in terms of delivering current news about sports. CBSSports cannot be underestimated with all its graphical content and latest update for all the sports fan out there.

    From mouse-click to full loaded page, this site is averaging from 1.9-2.1 seconds. Ranked as 653 in Alexa globally and 120th in USA alone, this site is undeniably one of the most popular site today for sports enthusiasts who seek their fix for sports online.

  5. Sports Illustrated

    Owned by TIME Inc., this site is hailed as one of the most successful in sports-based content. Although earlier of its existence were criticized due to its “upper-class” directed content, Sports Illustrated took a turn to embrace the general public and evolved to now celebrated sports content known worldwide.

    With an average of 20,000,000 visitors online in a monthly basis, this site garners loyal subscribers from their famous magazines up to the online content. Expectations are high when it comes to their company’s standard. With the best and latest content you could ask for in a multimedia, this is the place to go to anytime of the day if you are into sports.

    Averaging of 1.6-1.9 seconds from mouse-click to full page load, it is obvious that they prefer quality content rather than flashy graphical showcasing. Optimized for all audiences and online visitors of all types, the site’s homepage is made light with less video content on its homepage. Proving that video contents are not always the best choice out there. It is the presentation and overall quality of what you can offer.

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